Great White Shark Tooth Necklace

This tooth has very unusual coloration ranging from green on the tip to blue and pink with a brown crown. Very nice serrations and decorated with beautiful colored bone with a black lace and gold colored wire. The most unusual tooth I've ever seen!
Almost 2' long.

Shark Carving (Cocobolo)
This Rare wood with great color variations makes the light side of the underbody of this shark realistic looking with a natural flair. High gloss finish makes it the perfect mantel piece.
Beautifully decorated with complimenting bead and tied with gold colored wire
Rare Pygmy Shark Tooth Necklace
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The Great Hammerhead Shark Carving

You can expect the best from Sharkulele Shark Art and Ukuleles. This beautiful piece is handcarved from Oak (silk species) which has a beautiful natural satin finish. The base is Blooming Parasite wood often used in wood carvings. By an unknown artist in Florida (I hope he sees this and contacts me) If you love the hammerhead like I do this is a must have!
14" long from snout to tail x 8"wide pectoral fin to pectoral fin and 9" high.

Hear Veanna play the Ukulele!
Autographed photo from "JAWS" motion picture
Autographed Jaws photo signed by Roy Scheider, framed black with glass,

This tooth with great serrations and almost 2" long and has a nice coffee with cream color and tan crown. The black strap id wound with gold colored wire and has real carved bone (Elephants) decoration.

Tiger Shark Tooth Fossil Necklace

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